I consider myself an internationally oriented person, with an eye for structure and a flair for language and communication. I have worked and lived in several countries in Europe and North America, thus getting a good feel for international communication and working with diverse groups. I have also gained work experience in training, international affairs and event organisation. I have also lived, worked and studied in seven different countries in the past, giving me a good fee for intercultural communication and norms, as well as knowledge of multiple European languages at a professionally usable level. I am currently looking for a new challenge in the field of facilitating trainings. Feel free to reach out via email to get more information on this.

  • My name: Karsten J. Kip
  • Age: years
  • Experience: + years
  • Nationality: Dutch

Experience Summarised

Public Speaking

I have had extensive training in Public Speaking and subsequently taught the art myself, both at Radboud University and at other institutions. Have spoken to audiences of upwards of 500 people.

Teaching Experience

I have taught an academic programme at Radboud University in Public Speaking and negotiation. I also have experience working with 16-18 years olds in a secondary school setting.


I have taught Negotiation training at many places, including the aforementioned Radboud University. These mostly took the form of simulation games and sessions.


I am a good listener and a creative thinker when it comes to languages and approaching questions from different angles. I furthermore hold a Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals certificate as accredited by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI).


English - C2
German - C1
French - B1
Russian - A2


Feel free to hit me a messsage, either through the contact form below or by sending an email. I will try to respond to it as soon as possible.